Ndiswrapper problem, Help'a'Newb

  • Sourskies

    Sourskies - 2005-10-05

    Ummmm...hi. Ok, I'm using Ubuntu Hoary Hedghog (5.04). When I try to modprobe ndiswrapper, (I have done depmod -a, no problem), using sudo, it says that Fatal Error, operation not permitted. When I look up why, it claims that there are too many config files for the particular driver that I put into ndiswrapper (and which ndiswrapper claims should work). What do I do? I just want my wireless internet to work.

    • ramlambmoo

      ramlambmoo - 2005-10-30

      I also have this problem. ndiswrapper was installed by default when I installed arkLinux, which was the latest release - so I dont think they were using a very old version of ndiswrapper? Again, when I try to modprobe, it says Fatal Error, operation not permitted. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Giridhar Pemmasani

      You are using a very old version of ndiswrapper. Upgrade to more recent one.


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