ndiswrapper for WUSB54GSC

  • zabrina

    zabrina - 2007-10-12

    I installed and downloaded ndiswrapper. To have my wireless care work, I needed to copy and paste 2 files from the Linksys, wireless card cd, which are a .SYS and a .INF, (.BIN if found). I found 2 .INF and the .BIN, I could not find the .SYS. Please help me to find where to look for this file!

    • olaf schmidt

      olaf schmidt - 2008-06-02

      I had a folder named DRIVERS and there was a rt73.inf

      You can also try the following:
      plug in your wireless usb stick
      start a terminal session
      type the follwing commands:
      su --> provide root password
      lsusb --> search for an entry of your wireless usb stick and look for a hexcode like xxxx:xxxx (mine was 13b1:0020)
      that identifies your wifi card chip
      you need to find out which driver you need and you can search on the ndiswrapper home page under documents/wiki and then list if someone already reported your chip working with ndiswrapper. There will be more info and perhaps also a link to a driver.


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