Tobias Houfek - 2006-11-08

The Buffalo WLI-U2-AMG54HP is probably uncommen because afaik it only sells in japan, but for every owner... THIS might be the only documentation you can so far find in the internet on if and how it works with NDiswrapper...

The Buffalo WLI-U2-AMG54HP High Power Usb2.0 Wireless LAN Adapter is a 60° cone angle beam-antenna in a small white plastic square plugged into a round white plastic stand with a joint so it can be twisted and tiltet for optimal signal-strength. According to japanese manual it has max range of 130 meters which altogether makes ideal for leeching small bits of bandwith from your neighbours open networks. The chipset is the Atheros SuperAG and as the name implies it supports 802.11 a and b/g.

The Ndiswrapper 1.23-1.1 source which came as debian testing/unstable paket "ndiswrapper-source" compiled just fine on kernel 2.6.17-2 using "module-assistant auto-install ndiswrapper-source"

The device is so far not in the offical List (maybe someone wants to add it) so after I gave up searching...

I used the default drivers netkamg.inf and Netkamgl.inf which come with the official BUFFALO Wireless LAN Driver Disk Ver.8.3 (2006/5/23)

The driver supports:

scanning - "iwconfig wlan0 scan"
set essid - "iwconfig wlan0 essid XxXxXxX"
set mode - "iwconfig mode Ad-Hoc|Managed"
set Channel 1-14 - "iwconfig wlan 0 channel XX"
set key - "iwconfig wlan 0 key XXXXXXXXXXXXX"
set network type - "iwpriv wlan0 network_type a|b" !!!ONLY a or b since g will crash kernel!!!

ndis_reset and reload_defaults also seem to do something. usb_reset seems to crash the kernel aswell


power_profile (8BF1) : set 1 int & get 0
media_stream (8BF4) : set 1 int & get 0
set_encr_mode (8BF5) : set 1 int & get 0
set_auth_mode (8BF6) : set 1 int & get 0

Unfortunalty it doesn't work after reboot when it was successfully loaded before. Only workaround I found is a manual usb disconnect at boot time before ndiswrapper module loads. If someone has found a way to cut off power to usb devices or forcing a reset or something I would be really helped...

Thx in advance