After months of development, 1.4 has been released with many
improvements and support for new devices. If you have issues with
previous versions, upgrade to 1.4.

As stated earlier, from now on, there will be two branches: even minor
numbers indicate releases and odd minor numbers indicate development,
so for example, 1.4 (including 1.4-rc1 etc) will be releases (or
release candidates) and 1.5 (and 1.5-rc1 etc) are for testing/new
development etc. This makes it easy to release new versions with short
cycles, so if things break, it should be easy to identify the causes.

Following is short summary of changes since 1.2:

  • WPA2 support added.
  • Implemented most of IO manager, PnP manager and Obj manager.
  • No need to update utils everytime ndiswrapper is updated but only when utils
    interface changes.
  • USB layer has been rewritten with many fixes; e.g., USB devices no
    longer disconnect unexpectedly.
  • New devices supported: sis162, sis163, ZyDas 1211, Linksys WUSB11v4
    (with Ali chipset). These are USB devices.
  • Unplugging USB devices without removing ndiswrapper module
  • USB devices work with PREEMPT enabled.
  • Separate workqueue is used in 2.6 kernels; this should prevent
    locking up keyboard etc. in case of kernel crash.
  • Support for new kernels added.
  • Many bug fixes.
  • Added support for Inprocomm IPN2220 with 64-bit.
  • Added support for RNDIS USB devices (tested with U.S. Robotics
  • Issue with unloading module with some drirvers (e.g., sis and
    Inprocomm ipn2220) fixed.
  • Issue with WPA with sis162u, sis163u and ZyDas zd1211 fixed.
  • Initialization failure with WUSB54v1 fixed.

AMD AM1771/1772 may also work with this release; apparently the device
is initialized and associated properly, but IP traffic is not
possible. However, this issue may be specific to the setup of person
who tested it. If you have this device, test and give feedback.