David Barbour - 2006-03-05

Dell Inspiron 8200
TrueMobile 1180 (Broadcom 4303)
Fedora Core 4, kernel 2.6.15-1.1833.FC4

ndiswrapper is now working with the bcmwl5.inf downloaded from Dell: R46482.EXE. This is not one of the approved drivers from the list. It is working with the normal (stk4) kernel, so it would seem that switching to a stk16 kernel is not necessary in my case.

The chipset for this card is Broadcom 4303 (not 4301, as I have seen reported in several places.)

Attempting to follow the WIKI installation instructions I was stymied when modprobe could not find ndiswrapper. The WIKI says that ndiswrapper -m adds an alias to /etc/moprobe.conf. In fact, it adds the line to /etc/modprobe.d/ndiswrapper. Adding the line to /etc/moprobe.conf by hand, however does the trick.

This suggests to me that there is an important problem with the -m option. Can anyone comment on this?