how turn power off pcmcia card?

  • Marius Mikučionis

    I still remember that "rmmod ndiswrapper" from ndiswrapper-1.3rc1 with old drivers used to turn the power off my PCMCIA wireless card.
    However with the 1.4 release and latest drivers it seems that the wireless interface is stopped (deconfigured and link led is not lid up) but the power led is still on.
    Is this a bug or a feature? Does it depend on drivers or ndiswrapper?
    Can I turn off it somehow without removing the card?

    • Giridhar Pemmasani

      There seem to be some problems with turning off power when module is unloaded, so at least for now this feature has been disabled. If you want to remove power with pcmcia card, you can run "cardctl eject". When you want to use the card again, run "cardctl insert". You can also suspend/resume the card through procfs/sysfs; e.g., "echo suspend=3 > /proc/net/ndiswrapper/wlan0/settings" to suspend and "echo resume > /proc/net/ndiswrapper/wlan0/settings". Not all cards/drivers work with this though.


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