#13 problem with broadcom 4320


First of all, the card works GREAT under ndiswrapper except for this
small issue. I've got a brand new Gateway m350X with a builtin
(!PCMCIA) broadcom wireless card with the 4320 chipset. I'm
running Gentoo 1.4, but I've also tried suse 9.0. This issue shows
up under the 2.4.23 kernel with ndiswrapper v0.3, the 2.4.24
kernel with ndsiwrapper v0.4, and the 2.6.2 kernel with
ndiswrapper v0.4. Bear with me on this one, it's really

I also have a Gateway solo 9100 that has a dlink dwl-650+ in it,
which uses the acx100 chipset. I'm using the driver from
sourceforge for it. After I insmod ndiswrapper and call
loadndisdriver 14e4 4320 .../bcmwl5.sys .../bcmwl5.inf, the card
shows up with iwconfig as wlan0, or eth0 with previous versions of
ndiswrapper. iwconfig wlan0 essid <any |="" linksys=""> and iwconfig
wlan0 mode managed both go fine. ifconfig wlan0 up yields exactly
what you would expect; the device is up with no IP. Here's where
the problem shows itself. dhcpcd -t 10 wlan0 fails consistently as
long as the wireless card in the other laptop is connected.
Immediately upon downing that card the broadcom picks up and IP
address and all is good. At that point if I bring the other card
online all is well until I have to reboot.

BTW, I do apologize for being so verbose, but I don't want you to
be lacking for information.

All that being said, I'm a fairly experienced coder. Though I know
nothing about developing device drivers, I'll be more than happy to
help any way I can.



  • Pontus Fuchs

    Pontus Fuchs - 2004-02-12

    Logged In: YES

    I does not sound like an ndiswrapper bug to me. Perhaps
    there is a problem with the firmware in the AP?

  • Lenon W. Kitchens

    Logged In: YES

    I would tend to agree except for two things. If I use another wireless
    card that doesn't require ndiswrapper it works fine. And of course, the
    m350x came preinstalled with windows and the broadcom card worked
    fine when I first booted the machine.

    If you have any ideas on further tests I should do to help you out please
    let me know.


  • Fredrik Wolf

    Fredrik Wolf - 2004-02-13

    Logged In: YES

    I'm sorry that I'm off topic but I got a card with the Broadcom 4320
    chipset too with the ndiswrapper 0.4 running on linux 2.6.2 but I can't
    seam to load the drivers correctly.
    It just segfaults. So I was wondering if you've experienced the same
    problem and got a solution for it?
    I try loading with /usr/sbin/loadndisdriver 14e4 4320
    /lib/windrivers/bcmwl5.sys /lib/windrivers/Netgtks.inf
    and the drivers i got with the card.
    dmesg tells me:
    Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address c484a000
    printing eip:
    pde = 010e5067
    pte = 00000000
    Oops: 0000 [#1]
    CPU: 0
    EIP: 0060:[<c484a000>] Tainted: P
    EFLAGS: 00010286
    EIP is at 0xc484a000
    eax: c05b0ac0 ebx: c05b0a28 ecx: c05b0ac0 edx: c05b0ac0
    esi: ffffffed edi: c3f87400 ebp: c05b0a4c esp: c0519e6c
    ds: 007b es: 007b ss: 0068
    Process loadndisdriver (pid: 212, threadinfo=c0518000 task=c051b900)
    Stack: c020d092 c3f87400 c05b0ac0 c05b0a28 c3f87400 ffffffed
    c020d0dc c05b0a28
    c3f87400 c020d10c c05b0a28 c3f87400 c05b0a4c c3f87454
    c025125f c3f87454
    c05b0a4c c3f8745c c038f648 c05b0a4c c025138c c3f87454
    c05b0a4c c05b0a64
    Call Trace:
    [<c020d092>] pci_device_probe_static+0x52/0x70
    [<c020d0dc>] __pci_device_probe+0x2c/0x30
    [<c020d10c>] pci_device_probe+0x2c/0x50
    [<c025125f>] bus_match+0x3f/0x70
    [<c025138c>] driver_attach+0x5c/0x90
    [<c0251691>] bus_add_driver+0xa1/0xc0
    [<c0251b0f>] driver_register+0x2f/0x40
    [<c020d2d4>] pci_register_driver+0x34/0x50
    [<c486d698>] start_driver+0x68/0x80 [ndiswrapper]
    [<c486dd80>] misc_ioctl+0x130/0x1da [ndiswrapper]
    [<c02317d1>] tty_write+0x1b1/0x2d0
    [<c0236ee0>] write_chan+0x0/0x250
    [<c0154d57>] vfs_write+0xd7/0x130
    [<c0167ef0>] sys_ioctl+0x100/0x2b0
    [<c010b4db>] syscall_call+0x7/0xb

    Code: Bad EIP value.

    Well. I think that is all. :)



    Patches: #1

  • Lenon W. Kitchens

    Logged In: YES

    No, sorry, can't say that I've seen this problem. I don't
    mean to treat you like a dumbass, but make sure that the
    kernel module is properly loaded. I've seen kernel modules
    fail to load without errors of any kind to be found. Other
    than that, I haven't been using ndiswrapper long enough to
    know what the problem could be. I got a similar error on a
    dlink dwl-650+ but just assumed that it was unsupported.

  • Giridhar Pemmasani

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    This looks more like your DHCP setup than an issue with
    ndiswrapper. Note that ndiswrapper is not directly communicating
    with the AP; it is Windows code. Does this behavior happen when
    using Windows too? If it does, then there is not much ndiswrapper
    can do.

  • Lenon W. Kitchens

    Logged In: YES

    / This looks more like your DHCP setup than an issue with
    ndiswrapper. Note that ndiswrapper is not directly communicating
    with the AP; it is Windows code. Does this behavior happen when
    using Windows too? If it does, then there is not much ndiswrapper
    can do.

    Ok, this is what leads me to believe it's an ndiswrapper problem.
    1) Any other two cards that I've tried coexist fine on my network
    2) When I first bought this the laptop with the broadcom card, it
    had Windows preinstalled. The first time I booted the machine
    up in windows, the card connected and worked fine. That's how
    I downloaded the gentoo boot disk. At that point, the dlink
    dwl-650+ was connected and working fine.

    So, as far as I can tell, the breakage only occurs when ndiswrapper is
    involved. Please let me know if there's anything that I can do to help
    determine if this is actually an ndiswrapper bug.

  • Pontus Fuchs

    Pontus Fuchs - 2004-03-12

    Logged In: YES

    I'm closing this bug since it's too old. If it's still a
    problem please reopen it.


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