howto use patch-2a & patch-2b

  • rooter

    rooter - 2004-07-26

    I need some help
    what i need to do with patch-2a.tar.gz
    I now about tar zxvf but what next
    sory for my poor english
    thx for reply

    • Tim

      Tim - 2004-07-27

      for patch-2a, extract the files into the "src" directory for ndismonitor.

      then, type this command for each patch file in
      the archive

      patch callbacks.c callbacks.c-0.1a.patch

      patch callbacks.h callbacks.h-0.1a.patch

      patch main.c main.c-0.1a.patch

      patch interface.c interface.c-0.1a.patch

      patch global.h global.h-0.1a.patch

      Then for patch-2b, do the same thing, except type these commands:

      patch main.c main.c-0.1b.patch

      patch interface.c interface.c-0.1b.patch

      After that, go back one directory and type "make clean" and then "make"  and that is it...

      I can write a script for you if you want...

      let me know...


    • rooter

      rooter - 2004-07-27

      Thanks for help.
      its working wery well.
      I have one question : Signal Strenght is always 100% ,
      is this normall - i have rtl8180 @ ndiswrapper 0.8


    • Tim

      Tim - 2004-07-28

      Yes, ndiswrapper almost always reads the signal strength as 100%.  The way the signal strength gets calculated is different for most chipsets, and I don't think it has been fully implemented in ndiswrapper for all of the different cards.  The Signal Quality is the number you should go by more. 

      Actually, sometimes my signal strength drops to 98-99% for a while, and then goes back up, but I'm not sure it really means anything as of yet.  Unless ndiswrapper fixed it in their new 0.9pre1 release, (i haven't upgraded to that yet)



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