#1 Multi-user contribution

Tim Bell

This is my case:

I run a kind of "hobby community" site...

I would like to have members to be able to submit
articles for review & publication.

This means - a member of the site, verified against a
member database (this I can fix myself..) would be able
to use the "create page" functionality in his/hers "home"
directory for an article. The site admin then reviews it,
moves it to a section of the live site and "publishes" it
by that move (db updated with the move, of course)...

I am not clever enough to do this myself yet since I am
just starting out with .Net, but as I see it would be a
not too bad feature to get the ndCMS going to be a
standard for simpler community sites....


  • Tim Bell

    Tim Bell - 2004-10-18

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    This seems like it would be pretty easy to implement however
    I don't know if I'm going to undertake this request. I might do
    this for a nominal fee.

    For one I would probably have to create a separate
    distribution: one regular, one community. Or make the
    installer change their settings in the web.conf file.

    Secondly there are already a ton of well established .Net
    open source community projects out there.
    http://www.dotnetnuke.com/ just to name one.
    I created ndCMS because I wanted to use a .net open source
    CMS but as I searched around most of them seemed to be
    community portals or were (how can I put this kindly)
    functionally challenged.

    Lastly I wanted to focus most of my efforts to the back-side
    only. In my personal opinion the front-side should be wide
    open so that it doesnt limit creativity and/or flexability.
    Currently Im only limiting the front-side to use urls that end
    in pageXX.aspx (XX = to the index of the page), but even
    this could be optional (by the use of default.aspx?obj=XX or /?
    obj=XX). Hell, the front-side could be php for all I care.

    Solution if I undertook it:

    All I would have to do id add an extra (bit) field to the user
    database stating if their web-site subscriber or editor/admin.
    Then add a date and status field to the tblPages table.
    Lastly create a front side login with a page/article submission
    (page with a status of awaiting approval). Upon approval
    the status would change, thus publishing the page regardless
    of it belong to a particular section or not.


  • Tim Bell

    Tim Bell - 2004-10-18
    • assigned_to: nobody --> bellts

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