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NCReport has been moved to NociSoft

NCReport has been fully re-written and moved to The versions 0.5 and 0.7 will not be developed anymore.

Posted by Norbert Szabo 2008-10-13

NCReport 2.0 (beta2) is available!

NCReport is lightweight, fast, easy to use SQL report engine written in C++ based on Qt toolkit. Report definition using XML format - stored as file or in sql database. Generated document ready to print or (fast) preview

The new NCReport 2.0 has been released. The project is fully re-written from the bases. It has many new features and improvements. The new Designer application also included.
NCReport2 project now is hosted by

Posted by Norbert Szabo 2008-01-04

Windows binary installer for NCReport-Qt3

Windows binary installer released for NCReport-Qt3. Package includes also the designer executable and improved, fixed sample reports

Posted by Norbert Szabo 2007-02-14

Text file datasource in NCReport

Report generator since version 0.5.50 and 0.7.20 able to use text file as datasource.

Posted by Norbert Szabo 2007-01-18

Homepage of NCReport has been created.

Home page of NCReport has been working since a few months.

Posted by Norbert Szabo 2007-01-18

NCReport-Qt4 updated!

RichTexts/TextDocument handling in NCReport (Qt4) also available

Posted by Norbert Szabo 2007-01-18

RichText handling in NCReport (Qt3)

In qt3 version of NCReport now is available to use dynamic height richtexts. They may come from a file as resource also

Posted by Norbert Szabo 2006-11-27

NCReport-Designer beta2 released

NCReport-Designer beta2 has been released

Posted by Norbert Szabo 2006-08-22

NCReport-Designer beta1 now is available

The first usable version of NCReport designer has released. This tool hopefully makes report file creation much faster.

Posted by Norbert Szabo 2006-07-31

Report GUI designer available soon

Report designer now is in strongly development. It's going to be a separated program for designing report XML files instead of writing them manually.

Posted by Norbert Szabo 2006-06-12

Qt4 version of NCReport has been released!

The new Qt4 version of NCReport has released.
Project ported to Qt4 without Qt3-support

Posted by Norbert Szabo 2006-04-04

Porting to Qt4

Porting NCReport from Qt3 to Qt4 now is on progress...

Posted by Norbert Szabo 2006-04-03