more than one dynamic detail

  • Florian Bohrer

    Florian Bohrer - 2006-12-29

    great software but i have a project where i need more than one dynamic "detail". i think something like "group details".  

    is there any solution build for this problem yet ?

    • Norbert Szabo

      Norbert Szabo - 2007-01-02


      Do you mean more dynamic detail item at the same detail section or dynamic lenght texts after each other?

    • Florian Bohrer

      Florian Bohrer - 2007-01-03

      I mean multiple detail sections. One is not enough.  :-)

    • Norbert Szabo

      Norbert Szabo - 2007-01-06

      Dynamic lengthed details designed for multiple items in detail and ideally working, but really tested with only one item. It's probably buggy with more items. As I will have time for that I extend or fix this capability if possible.


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