Windows 7 installation error?

  • Hyo-Kyung Lee

    Hyo-Kyung Lee - 2013-03-11


      I got the following error during the installation of "".

       "IPersisFile:Save failed; code 0x80004005. Unspecified error."

      Is it OK to ignore?

  • Pedro Vicente

    Pedro Vicente - 2013-03-12

    Yes, you can ignore that error.

    The installation program copies all the NCO binaries to C:/nco, but somehow it prints that message always


  • Hyo-Kyung Lee

    Hyo-Kyung Lee - 2013-03-12

    Hi Pedro,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Also, does the nco-4.2.5 for Windows "exclude" OPeNDAP capability? I cannot save a remote OPeNDAP URL resource into a NetCDF file using ncks. I checked the same command 'ncks http://some.opendap.url… -o'  with CentOS6 RPM version and it worked fine.  Should a command line syntax be different?

    Anyway, Windows NCO package is super cool! It's easy to install and use. Everyone should try this.

  • Pedro Vicente

    Pedro Vicente - 2013-04-27

    Hi Hyo-Kyung

    For your information, the current NCO 4.3.0 version on the main page features OPeNDAP

    Be sure to check the upcoming  NCO 4.3.1 also

    Glad you find the Windows NCO package easy to install and use


  • Jayanti Pal

    Jayanti Pal - 2016-05-05

    hello pedro
    I have install in wiondows 7. Can you tell me how to operate nco in windows 7. I have also install cgywin.

    I have put the folder of nco containg exeutable commands under cgywin an then run nco through cgywin using "./" before every command, but still its not working.

    Please help I need to know this urgently.

  • Pedro Vicente

    Pedro Vicente - 2016-05-05


    the executables are native Windows executables.
    so they do not need or work under cygwin

    the installation copies all NCO binaries to

    so, on a windows shell just change to C:\nco and type
    for example


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