ANTLR LIbrary in Windows for MSVS

  • Paula Kulis

    Paula Kulis - 2013-04-09

    On the NCO web site, all the libraries needed for windows MSVS 2010 compilation of NCO are provided, and there's a note that the zip files include MSVS solution files.  The ANTLR package though does not.  It looks like the only way to compile it is in cygwin.  The page with this information is here:

    should I:

    1. use cygwin to compile the verison of ALTLR provided in the link, uaing the INSTALL file provided
    2. or was the wrong file loaded to this link?  At NCO, do you have a verison with a MSVS solution file?  Searching the ALTLR web site indicated to me that they do not.
    3. should I download the most recent version of ANTLR from their web site and install?  Looks like it is all in Java, will that provide me with what I need?

    Many thanks,

    Paula Kulis

  • Pedro Vicente

    Pedro Vicente - 2013-04-09

    Hi Paula

    The MSVS 2010 solution file is located at /lib/cpp of the file antlr-2.7.7.tar.gz.

    This is a NCO project MSVS 2010  port of ANTLR not available on the antlr site


  • Paula Kulis

    Paula Kulis - 2013-04-09

    Thanks so much Pedro!

    I also had a lot of compiling errors when I tried to compile the netCDF and HDF5 library solution files posted at the link.  I installed the unidata DAP-enabled libraries instead (  Is that ok?

    Thanks again.

  • Pedro Vicente

    Pedro Vicente - 2013-04-09

    You should use the HDF5 and netCDF projects listed on that page

    you must define these environment variables for the several libraries


    these are the absolute path of each .lib file generated in those projects

    Additionnaly, the following environment variable must also be defined for the location of the netCDF header files:


    Different compilers may need different C runtimes, so you should use the same compiler , MSVC 2010



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