ncks producing "ncio_px_pad_length entered." when extracting dimensions

Craig Cobb
  • Craig Cobb

    Craig Cobb - 2014-02-13

    when using the following form of ncks:
    ncks -O -d lon,#.#,#,# -d lat,#,#,#,#

    I get the "ncio_px_pad_length entered." statement. I'm providing a legitimate hyperslab (subsection) input. There appears to be no errors and looking at the code, the statement appears to be hardwired to occur each instance the function posixio is called. If it's not an error why does it have to output any statement when no problem exists? Then it's extra garbage that has to be filtered. Would like to be able to turn it off if not an error. Am using NCO operators 4.3.3. on RedHat RHEL 5.

  • Charlie Zender

    Charlie Zender - 2014-02-14

    ncio_px_pad_length errors/warnings are almost invariably NCO's fault yet they are not always fatal or serious. We have fixed a number of these since 4.3.3.
    Either post a file with the exact command that fails so that we can attempt to
    reproduce the problem, or install the latest snapshot of NCO from CVS and see
    for yourself if it still occurs. Reproduction is always the first step in addressing such bugs. When people say reproduction is fun, I think they are talking about something else.


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