ncwa not adding history attribute

  • Andrew Friedman

    Andrew Friedman - 2013-08-18

    Hi NCO users,

    I've noticed that ncwa isn't printing the history attribute in the output file when I average over a coordinate variable. For example:

    ncwa -a lat $infile $outfile

    Does anyone have an idea about this behavior? The history attribute isn't missing with other NCO operators. I'm running NCO 4.3.4.


  • Charlie Zender

    Charlie Zender - 2013-08-19

    hi this is an inadvertent bug introduced in the latest version we will fix it soon thanks for letting us Know

  • Andrew Friedman

    Andrew Friedman - 2013-12-11

    Hi Charlie,
    Thanks for fixing the ncwa history attribute - it's working for me using NCO version 4.3.8. However, ncra isn't adding the history attribute in this NCO version.

  • Charlie Zender

    Charlie Zender - 2013-12-11

    Thanks for letting us know. Now fixed in latest snapshot.

  • Dave Allured

    Dave Allured - 2014-01-01


    I am experiencing a similar problem in ncea version 4.3.6, platform Mac OS. ncea does not append to a history attribute that is already present in the first input file.

    Does the recent bug fix for ncra also fix this ncea problem?


  • Charlie Zender

    Charlie Zender - 2014-01-01

    Yes, Dave, the patch to fix the history attribute went in on 20131211. Will be in the next release 4.4.0 sometime soon.


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