Charlie Zender - 2012-11-04

posting an email, my answer to which is:

the error indicates that O3 is not in the input file.

dear Professor ZENDER,
I want to extract all the values of the O3 variable corresponding to latitude 31.653676 and longitude -7.9956 on ground level from a file and put them in the out file Marrakesh.csv
I write

ncks -v O3 -d south_north,31.653676 -d west_east,-7.995688 -d bottom_top,0 |sed \'s/.*\\=//\' > O3marrakech.csv

and I  get
nco_err_exit(): ERROR Short NCO-generated message (usually name of function that triggered error): nco_inq_vartype()
nco_err_exit(): ERROR Error code is -49. Translation into English with nc_strerror(-49) is \"NetCDF: Variable not found\"

thank you for your help

Merci de votre soutien

Jamal Ouarzazi
Université Cadi Ayyad
Faculté des Sciences Semlalia
Laboratoire de Physico-Chimie des Matériaux et Environnement
Marrakech  Maroc