Concatenation of netcdf files along latitude and longitude dimensions

  • Phil Bentley

    Phil Bentley - 2014-02-04


    I have a global netcdf dataset which is split into 32 files, each one covering a 45 x 45 degree quadrangle of the earth. I'd like to concatenate these into a single netcdf file using the latitude and longitude dimensions (both of which are regular 1D coordinates).

    I see that it's possible to use ncpdq to concatenate along a single spatial dimension, assuming it's set to be the record dimension. My question then is, is it possible to concatenate data across both latitude and longitude dimensions simultaneusly?

    I think the answer is, no, not just yet. But I thought I'd pose the question.



  • Charlie Zender

    Charlie Zender - 2014-02-04

    Hi Phil,
    Alas, you are correct. The ncpdq method works, but only along one dimension at a time. People with cubed-sphere grids often do what you may end up doing, and
    stitch in a loop to assemble the global dataset.

  • Phil Bentley

    Phil Bentley - 2014-02-07

    Hi Charlie,

    Thought that was the case - thanks for confirming. As you suggest, I can cobble together a little loop to stitch the files together.



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