How to specify a negative value without NCO thinking that it's a command line option?

  • James Adams

    James Adams - 2013-10-21

    I'm trying to use ncrename to reset the _FillValue of a variable to a negative value, but the negative sign on the value I use at the command line is confusing to ncrename, it always sees it as the start of a new option argument, so I probably need to do something to escape the negative sign so it is not misrecognized as the start of a new command line option. For example I'm trying the below:

    ncrename -a _FillValue, precip, o, f, -9999.9

    The above command results in this error message: "ncrename: invalid option -- '9'". I get this error message when escaping the -9999.9 with a backslash, single quotes, and double quotes. Can someone clue me in on what I need to do to use a negative value on the command line for NCO commands?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

  • Charlie Zender

    Charlie Zender - 2013-10-21

    the options are fine but the operator for this is ncatted not ncrename.
    is your coffee undercaffeinated?

  • James Adams

    James Adams - 2013-10-21

    I get the same result when I use the correct NCO operator for this task:

    $ ncatted -a _FillValue, precip, o, f, -9999.9
    ncatted: invalid option -- '9'

    So back to the original question -- how does one escape a negative value so it doesn't confuse NCO into thinking that it's instead an invalid command line option?

  • James Adams

    James Adams - 2013-10-21

    It turns out that the error is having spaces in my -a clause, apparently whitespace is used to delimit options and arguments. Without the space separators the negative value passes through without an issue.


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