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  • Graziano Giuliani

    I was at least up to nco 4.2.5 using the combination ncwa -b / ncrcat to obtain time averages from files and then catting the single files together in a global output file containing the overall (albeit with some tricks to keep time_bounds consistent).
    This does not work anymore in latest, as the ncwa strips the UNLIMITED dimension attribute of the time dimension present in the original files when creating average files. i.e. in those time is a FIXED dimension. Then ncrcat does not find a record dimension. I circumvent this using ncecat and a lot of ncatted/ncrename, but I do wonder if this is a wanted feature or a side effect of other added features.

  • Charlie Zender

    Charlie Zender - 2013-10-16

    Thanks for reporting this bug.
    It was probably introduced in NCO 4.3.3 and this is the first report.
    It will be fixed soon (we'll re-post here again when it's committed), and the fix will be in 4.3.7.
    In the meantime a better workaround is to use ncks -mk_rec_dmn time

  • Pedro Vicente

    Pedro Vicente - 2013-10-17

    @grazgiul , this is available for testing if you wish to build from source by doing

    cvs -z3 co -kk nco

    This command retrieves the current (“bleeding edge”) development version of NCO into a local directory named nco.


    ./configure -prefix=</my/install/location>
    make install

    where </my/install/location> is an example of a path where to locate the NCO binaries


  • Graziano Giuliani

    @zender: didn't notice the mk_rec_dmn option, thanks!
    @pvicente: tested the development version of NCO, and it works again as expected. Thanks!


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