Could we get access to CVS / SVN for NClass

  • P. van der Velde


    Is there any chance we can get access to the CVS / SVN source control for NClass? Or isn't the source stored on Sourceforge? The reasons for asking:
    1) It's a good way to keep track of the activity of the project. I just noticed that the next version is under development (YAY) so I'd be keen to track activity and maybe even try the dev versions
    2) If we have access to the dev versions we can spot bugs early

    In any case thanks heaps for the cool software.



    • Balazs Tihanyi

      Balazs Tihanyi - 2007-11-13


      CVS support has just been added, as the current development version has become usable, so you can check out the latest sources of NClass from the SourceForge's repository. I hope you will like the new features, but more are coming.

      Best regards,



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