NCID 0.82 Released

This NCID (Network Caller ID) release fixes a major problem that prevents it reading modem output using OSX. The system poll function in OSX appears broken. Polling the modem causes it to disconnect with a error code. A local poll function is now used in place of the OSX system poll.

The server now sends all outgoing and call hangup to the clients.

A fix is provided to terminate the server when a unrecoverable error code is received from the system poll. The server was hanging on the error.

A fix is provided to keep the server from initializing a modem at startup when a gateway is used in place of a modem and the hangup option is used.

Improvements were made in the server code handling the modem and hangup. Some minor bugs were fixed.

IMPORTANT: The new configuration file must replace the old one or the server may abort because the server no longer recognizes "send outcall" in the configuration file.

The client history window now displays previous messages when reconnected to the server. All call types (incoming, outgoing, and hangup) are shown with a label if the --all-calls|-A option is set. The --out-call|-C option was removed.

IMPORTANT: The new configuration file must replace the old one because the client --out-calls option was replaced with the --all-calls option.

The release notes are at:

The project home page is at

Posted by John L. Chmielewski 2011-05-08

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