NCID 0.80 Released

This NCID (Network Caller ID) release adds more client telephone number display options, a new feature, and some fixes.

Outgoing calls are now handled by the server if the information is sent to it by a gateway. The server will always log outgoing calls in the call file, but will not send them to the client unless it is configured to do so. This change does not require a new client unless it is desired to display outgoing calls.

The VoIP Gateway was enhanced to send both incoming and outgoing calls to the NCID server if the SIP connection provides outgoing call information.

More telephone display options were added to the client. The current country display codes include the United States, Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany and none. None leaves the telephone number unformatted.

The client will also display outgoing calls if configured to do so, and if the server sends it the outgoing call information.

The release notes are at:

The project home page is at

Posted by John L. Chmielewski 2010-12-18

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