Call treatment base on name, number, distinctive ring nor schedule

  • Richard_on_SF

    Richard_on_SF - 2013-07-04

    Hi John,

    I have a new suggestion to offer you. It would be interesting to get more control over call processing. For example, unidentified callers could be routed directly to voicemail or to those using distintive ringing because operating a small business from home, would certainly appreciate the opportunity to redirect their calls to voicemail has the outside of business hours. Another use would be to transfer calls that we do not want to miss, specific customer as example, to a cell when we left home prematurely.


  • John L. Chmielewski

    You have good suggestions, unfortunately NCID cannot transfer calls or send calls to voicemail. NCID reads the Caller ID information, but has no way to control a call except to hang it up using a modem. Maybe NCID could be integrated into a PBX to add the features you requested.

  • Richard_on_SF

    Richard_on_SF - 2013-07-07

    Hi John,

    I understand NCIDD currently does not support the transfer but I thought of a possible way that would allow to implement this:

    1.answer the call base on certain criteria
    2.make a hook-switch for dial-tone return
    3.dial the number to reach, such a voicemail or other using atdt command
    4.upon receipt of the "connect" from third-party, hang up the modem

    Obviously, for this to be feasible, the telephone line used will allow this kind of maneuver. Of course, the tranfer won't be transparent to the calling since the transfer will be hear by him. This approach is just a simulation of what could be done manually by a called individual.


  • Todd Andrews

    Todd Andrews - 2013-07-12

    Hi Richard,

    Integrating NCID into an existing PBX seems to me like the best solution in this case. As John indicates, NCID isn't intended for "call routing" but I do understand how, in theory, your suggestion could work by having the modem do "flash hook" signals. I would envision this would require quite a bit of code to be added to NCID, vs. using another software package that already does this kind of thing.

    I've heard good things, but have not personally used, the PBX solution called Asterisk ( which can be controlled by a graphical front-end program called FreePBX (Despite the "PBX" in "FreePBX" it's not a PBX but an add-on to Asterisk.)

    An Asterisk derivative I came across recently is PBX in a Flash:

    There's also a package called FreeSWITCH ( that describes itself as a "soft-switch", a distinction best explained by the FAQ here:


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