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g++ 4.0??? wtf??

Haha! so yeah.. the old version of ncdplay doesn't appear to compile under the g++ 4.0 standard.. apparently lose precision is a fatal error with g++ 4.0 wtf??? Anyway.. this is the reason I am rewriting ncdplay too.. is for this reason as well.. the old code was just a giant hack..

Posted by Joseph Kinsella 2007-07-27

ncdplay reborn.

Ncdplay is still in production, while it may still not have a stable release, in fact all of the current code is about to be ditched, and I'm going to be starting over again (using C++ still).. The code is going to be made using doxygen style comments so that the code is documented, and when I come back to it down the line, I wont want to pull my hair out and be like "forget this.. I'm starting over." So that one day ncdplay will have a stable release..... read more

Posted by Joseph Kinsella 2007-07-17

Revision 13

Well, ncdplay is at revision 13 on the svn repository, and is coming along greatly, so far here is what ncdplay is supporting:

Playback of CD's (using libao)
You can of course Pause/Stop the audio

Skip to the next track, previous track, hot keys
(1 - 10) to skip to a specific track.

Repeat 1, and Repeat All appears to be working.

The playlist can scroll through tracks so now if
the number of tracks are higher than the window height you can scroll down.... read more

Posted by Joseph Kinsella 2006-11-14

ncdplay is ++

I decided to start ncdplay over using C++ instead of C, mainly cause the code I had was just a giant mess.. The good news is ncdplay is now coming along just great. And the even better news is, ncdplay isn't relieing on hardware-based controllers anymore, I am using aolib to play the audio, instead of ioctl calls. The latest (for the most part) code is available in the svn repository. Mind you there is still a lot of code that is needed, and the program it self still has ways more testing to go before considered a rock solid 1.0 release, but the good news is, there should be a new release coming out soon. And hopefully it will be the loving that everyone here shall want there ncurses cd player to be.... read more

Posted by Joseph Kinsella 2006-11-03


Well, incase you all didn't notice I uploaded v0.1a, This release isn't quite really there. There is still much to do, like Shuffle / Rewinding/Fast Forwarding, and a few other basic things that I want out of ncdplay...

But, to what this news really is.. I was going to work on 0.1b today, opened it up, and realized something insane.. the code is nuts. :< Anywho, it'll be a while before 0.1b is released. :>

Posted by Joseph Kinsella 2006-04-16

So were accepted?

Woo, it looks like has accepted this little project of mine. Ok, well, I'll try to release the first release as soon as possible, until then check out the screenshots to see what ncdplay looks like. :-)

Posted by Joseph Kinsella 2006-03-03