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Also known as NCandE (pronounced "en-candy").

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Notepad++ Compiler and Executor grants the popular Notepad++ text editor the ability to compile and execute virtually any code. By adding two shortcuts under the Run command, Notepad++ gains the ability to compile (Build) and run (Execute) the active code.

Custom languages can be added with the built-in GUI Configuration Tool. The "Build" and "Execute" commands automatically detect which compiler is necessary for the file running the commands.


NCandE allows the user to compile and execute programs without opening the command-line themselves or using multiple over-loaded IDEs. It's specifically useful to beginner programmers, who are just starting to explore various languages.

It's also useful for programmers who program in many different languages at the same time, as it allows the programmer to use a single text-editor (Notepad++) as their main base of operations, due to the built-in Compiling and Executing functions it now contains.

Natively Supported Languages

Updated list of natively supported languages (as of 2/20/2013):

  • Ada
  • Batch
  • C
  • C++
  • D
  • Java
  • Lua
  • Python

Language Support Packages

Language Packages from the Language Support folder (as of 2/20/2013):

Upcoming Version

Version 2.1 - (3/10/13)
- Bug fixes (if applicable)
- Feature requests (if applicable)

Current Version

Version 2.0 - (2/20/13)

  • New: Fortran (free-form) added to Language Support folder on Sourceforge
  • New: "readme" command added to Batch Configuration Tool
  • New: "license" command added to Batch Configuration Tool
  • Improvement: Better logging and documentation
  • Bug Fix: Enabling automatic updates does not compromise Settings
  • Bug Fix: Settings windows now correctly open regardless of contents in data folder
  • Bug Fix: Settings windows now always have correct titles

Version 1.9 - (2/15/13)

  • NCandE installers renamed to facilitate updates
  • Language Support folder on Sourceforge facilitates adding custom languages
  • Bug Fix: Configuration Tool won't force close if necessary files are missing
  • Bug Fix: Corrected update method in Settings window for GUI Configuration Tool
  • Bug Fix: Error messages fixed in compile and execute batch files
  • Improvement: Auto-Configure only creates directories for existing installations
  • Improvement: Language lists only populate with valid entries
  • Improvement: Decreased Auto-Configure artificial wait time by half

Version 1.8 - (2/13/13)

  • GUI for configuration menu
  • Custom language support
  • Check for updates upon load of configuration tool
  • Bug Fix: Auto-Configure does not stop prematurely
  • Improvement: Code redone on basis on abstraction
  • Improvement: Overall run-times increased substantially
  • New: Read most recent changelog from configuration tool

Version 1.7 (12/10/12)

  • Manually change commands and switches for compiling and executing with new tool "configure.bat"
  • Added "Configure NCandE x.x" under the "Run" menu in Notepad++
  • Bug fix: Compilers now recognize the correct directory of source code file
  • Bug fix: Unsupported filetypes will be directed to correct error message
  • Improvement: Cleaned up batch files to remove redundant code
  • Improvement: compile.bat and execute.bat are entirely abstract
  • Improvement: Runtimes for compile.bat and execute.bat reduced substantially
  • New: Select window and font colors in configure tool for "Configure" menu
  • New: Colored windows notify user of any errors, and whether the file compiled or not

Version 1.6 - (11/11/12)

  • Improvement: Lite Installer will now display error message if Notepad++ installation does not already exist

Version 1.5 - (11/04/12)

  • Full installer installs all latest supported compilers, the latest Notepad++, and integrates NCandE
  • Lite installer only integrates NCandE with an existing Notepad++ installation
  • Portable zip only includes NCandE files, and provides integration instructions
  • Bug fix regarding non-existent Notepad++ installations for the Lite installer
  • Bug fix for incorrect automatic path gathering during Lite installations
  • Bug fix for executing - changes directory to that of the file, instead of Notepad++ root
  • GNU Public License added to all installers
  • Automatic path detection improved for Python, Java and Lua
  • Paths are preloaded in Full installations for ease of use
  • Updated Readme with more accurate and easy-to-follow instructions
  • Additional language support for the following languages:
  • Ada
  • C
  • D

Version 1.4 (10/12/12)

  • Installer now supports both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows installations:
  • Fixed major bug where installer would only work with 64-bit systems
  • Prepared NCandE for next major release - NCandE 1.5

Version 1.3 - (09/19/12)

  • Automatic Java, Python and Lua Compiler Path Detection
  • Supports older and future installations of Java and Python
  • Build command now prompts user to execute if compile was successful
  • New batch tool for manually changing compiler paths added
  • Bug fixes for various compiler paths
  • Bug fixes remove hard-coded compiler locations

Version 1.2 - (08/28/2012)

  • Bug fixes for Lua Path

Version 1.1 - (08/26/2012)

  • Bug fixes for Java compilation and execution
  • Added PATH variable for more generic installations of Java
  • User-friendly information and error messages
  • Added README.txt file to provide instructions on installation.


I'm a computer science student living in America. I'm half-Russian and half-Palestinian, and speak/write in fluent Russian and English.

How do I get it?

Follow the instructions on the [Getting Started] page. If you're looking to update this utility, then visit the Downloads page and apply the latest Standalone version.


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Wiki: Source Code

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