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Version 2.4 released

- new backup format (nbf) support added
- new message format (messages under "predefmessages" folder) decoding

Posted by petrusek 2011-11-26

Version 2.3 released

This version brings parsing messages from symbian message storage. Not completely perfect (message time and direction may be wrong).

Posted by petrusek 2011-06-29

NbuExplorer at facebook

Please support NbuExplorer at facebook: http://www.facebook.com/nbuexplorer

Posted by petrusek 2011-03-03


BTW, did someone of downloading users think about donating this project?

Posted by petrusek 2010-11-29

Version 1.19 Released

You can check especially your old backups. Maybe you will find more SMS in it with this version. Unfortunately tested only on few backups from 6230(i) model (more samples needed).

Posted by petrusek 2010-11-07

Compressed fragments defeated! v1.15 released

Finally! Structure of compressed fragments which can be found in both - nbu and arc backups is decoded, so now it should be possible to extract more files from symbian phone models backups.

Posted by petrusek 2010-04-13

Version 1.14 released

experimental *.arc backup format (phone side created) support added, only first part (proably with user data) decoded (10-30% file coverage with available samples achieved)

Posted by petrusek 2010-03-29

Version 1.13 released

No functional changes, only internal code clean up before publishing source code. You can get it from SVN repository here at sourceforge if you are interested. Any help with further development is welcomed (uncompressed fragments of S60 folder structure seems pretty ugly...)

Posted by petrusek 2010-02-08

New version (1.12) released

fixed: 4GB nbu backup file limit removed, improved: minor improvements in MMS parser, minor improvements in vcard parser, added: another S60 folder structure type (0x1008) parsing, compressed S60 folder structure type (0x1002, 0x1004 and 0x1006) parsing with output only to decompressed fragments (still not ordered to final file structure, but closer...)

Posted by petrusek 2010-01-26

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