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First working test :-)

Hi everyone.
This is the first news post, and for a good reason: Today was the first time a unit test actually passed, and correctly reformatted a string containing both English and Hebrew text.
The road is still long, though, as there are two missing rules implemented (L3 and L4, responsible for combining marks and character mirroring), and many more tests have to be written.
In addition, no real attempts to make things efficient had been made, so after all tests are written and pass, performance is the next step.
However, you are welcome to try and use it, write tests, etc.
I'll be glad to hear from you if you had tried it and found it somewhat helpful, even in its current state.
I won't make any releases until more tests are made, but for now you can get the code from SVN.


Posted by Itai Bar-Haim 2007-03-09

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