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NBear / News: Recent posts

NBearLite V1.0.1.4 released

NBearLite V1.0.1.4 (Integrated with NBear.Mapping, with NBearLite PetShop 4.0 example) released.

Posted by Teddy 2008-01-14

NBear Project Has Moved to CodePlex!

Posted by Teddy 2006-12-10

NBearV3.2.5 Final Beta Released

Posted by Teddy 2006-11-16

NBear v3.1.3 Released!

NBear v3.1.3 with full step by step tutorials (Chinese only now) Released!

Posted by Teddy 2006-11-08

NBear V2.0.0 released with great enhancement!

Posted by Teddy 2006-07-18

NBear v1.8.0 supports distributed development now

NBear v1.8.0 now is added with a new NBear.MQ component to simplify MQ based distributed application development. See more at the TestServiceMQ sample in \Samples\TestServiceMQ.

Posted by Teddy 2006-06-01

NBear Project v1.5.5 Chinese Offical Page

Intergrated AjaxHelper into NBear in this release.

See More:

Posted by Teddy 2006-04-28