NB 3.4.1

  • Jarod Smith

    Jarod Smith - 2003-02-25

    love the tool. 
    I seem to have problems with it after upgrading from NB 3.3.2 to 3.4.1.  Checkstyle works, but in the results pane of NB, I click on an error and I am not taken to the source line.  Is this a NB problem or nbCheckstyle error?

    • Boris Folgmann

      Boris Folgmann - 2003-03-24

      I freshly installed nbCheckstyle 3.0 into NB 3.4.1 and have the same problem. Is there any solution for this problem?

    • Paul Goulbourn

      Paul Goulbourn - 2004-04-27

      I hope the release last weekend resolves this issue.

      • Jarod Smith

        Jarod Smith - 2004-05-03

        I am now using NB 3.6, and still have the same issue.

        • Jarod Smith

          Jarod Smith - 2004-05-03

          Disregard last message.  looks like it works, but I had to use XML config file.

    • saif

      saif - 2004-10-20

      Which XML file needs to be used?


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