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0.7.1 released

Minor release to fix the missing libpng problem in the windows version.

Posted by Gordon McNutt 2010-12-12

Nazghul/Haxima 0.6.1 released

At long last, a maintenance release. This is mostly bugfixes plus support for 16bpp (for use on, say, Nokia smartphones).

Posted by Gordon McNutt 2008-11-09

Nazghul/Haxima 0.6.0 released

Nazghul/Haxima 0.6.0 is now available in source form. This release involves some major reworking of the engine, and as a result save files from previous versions will not be compatible.

Posted by Kris Parker 2007-11-04

Nazghul/Haxima 0.5.6 released

Nazghul/Haxima 0.5.6 is now available in source form. This is a bugfix-only release, and most of the bugs are minor and will not prevent you from playing Haxima (although a few might make it a bit too easy). Save files from 0.5.5 should still work.

Posted by Gordon McNutt 2007-01-30

nazghul/haxima-0.5.5 released

Nazghul/Haxima x.y.z is now available in source form. Major changes include multiple saved games; more meaningful of character stats; basic haracter
creation; and new dungeons, quests, NPC types, and characters. For a detailed list see the NEWS file in the distribution.

Posted by Gordon McNutt 2006-12-15

nazghul-0.5.4 released

This release includes lots of minor bugfixes to both nazghul and haxima, some quest and dungeon changes, and the new terrain-blended maps.

Posted by Gordon McNutt 2006-06-30

nazghul-0.5.3 released

The biggest change is to the source distro
installer, which is more like a typical UNIX
program now. Other changes include some new
sprites and minor bugfixes.

Posted by Gordon McNutt 2006-02-05

nazghul-0.5.2 OSX released

Thanks again to Tim Douglas.

Posted by Gordon McNutt 2006-01-27

nazghul-0.5.2 released

nazghul-0.5.2 has been released

This is a maintenance release which contains a number of bugfixes.

Posted by Gordon McNutt 2006-01-26

nazghul-0.5.1 for OSX

...now available. Thanks once again to Tim Douglas for providing this.

Posted by Gordon McNutt 2006-01-08


nazghul-0.5.1 is now available. This is a
maintenance release that fixes some critical bugs
found in nazghul-0.5.0. If you have a saved game
from nazghul-0.5.0 it will still work, but it may
have bugs in it that need to be repaired
manually. See the FAQ on the nazghul home page for
more info.

Posted by Gordon McNutt 2006-01-08

OSX binary for nazghul-0.5.0

Now available! Thanks again to Tim Douglas for providing this.

Posted by Gordon McNutt 2006-01-04

Haxima & nazghul-0.5.0

At long last Haxima has been released with nazghul-0.5.0.

Haxima includes:
o A complete, playable game
o U5-like game play
o Multiple characters in the player party
o Clone of U5 magic system, with some extras
o A sizable wilderness
o Several towns
o Several dungeons
o A main quest
o Several side quests
o Talking NPC's
o Scripted game world

Posted by Gordon McNutt 2005-12-30

osx binary for nazghul-0.4.0

Now available on the release page. Thanks to Tim Douglas for putting this together.

Posted by Gordon McNutt 2005-03-25


At long last... all the things you wanted fixed in nazghul-0.3.3 (and a few you didn't even know about) might be fixed! Plus a new dungeon to get killed in, an Enchanter's Tower (still mostly empty except for a possibly psycho Ranger) and other mo' better stuff I've forgotten about because it's been so long since the last release.


Posted by Gordon McNutt 2005-02-16

osx binary for nazghul-devel-0.3.3

Thanks go to Tim Douglas for preparing a binary install for OSX.

Posted by Gordon McNutt 2004-10-26

nazghul-devel-0.3.0 released

Changes between nazghul 0.3.2 and 0.3.3

Haxima changes:
o Innkeeper in trigrave
o Bard in trigrave
o Store in trigrave
o Wilderness ambushes
o Combat maps for hills, grass, forest, roads and bridges
o NPC that will join the player
o New bandit NPC type
o More weapons and armor
o Player has a special map for wilderness camping
o Balance tweaks

Kernel changes:
o Time passes more quickly when player is sleeping
o Wandering NPC parties now wander
o Added basic level-up with xp

Posted by Gordon McNutt 2004-10-25

nazghul-0.3.2 released

o win32 support
o non-US keyboard support using UNICODE
o Bugfixes for...
...the N)ew Order command
...memory leak
...crash on exit under some systems
...missing Makefile.in
...sprite dancing on startup
o New cave added

Posted by Gordon McNutt 2004-10-10

nazghul-0.3.1 released

This is mainly a bugfix release, but a new place and a small quest has been added to Haxima.

Changes between nazghul 0.3.0 and 0.3.1

o Bugfixes related to compiler warnings, build
errors, numeric keypad entry, interaction
between NUMLOCK and CTRL, intermittent script
errors and LOS errors on reload.

o Performance improvement support for AI's that
need to search around them.

o Added a "Misc" pane to the Ztats UI.... read more

Posted by Gordon McNutt 2004-10-02

nazghul alpha release

We are pleased to announce an Alpha release of the azghul project, in the form of nazghul-0.3.0.

The goal of the Nazghul project http://nazghul.sourceforge.net\) is to produce
a CRPG engine in the style of the early Ultima games (Ultima I, II, III, IV, V, VI), which feature a top-down tile-based display of the world. We have been inspired by the Ultima series, as well as many other games including games of the Roguelike genre (NetHack, Angband, CrossFire, ADOM).... read more

Posted by Gordon McNutt 2004-09-18


The latest release of nazghul-devel-0.2.0 is now available. With this release the ad-hoc "ghulscript" scripting language has been replaced with Scheme. Best of all, players can now save and load the game.

Posted by Gordon McNutt 2004-07-24

nazghul development version 0.1.4

nazghul-0.1.4, the latest development release of the nazghul
CRPG engine, is now available for download. The goal of this
release was to convert towns to function like dungeons and
combat zones instead of like wilderness zones.

With this change the player can control individual party
members in town, fight battles on town maps and explore
regions that are only passable to certain party members.

To demonstrate some of these features in the sample world a
monster generator was placed in the city of Glasdrin. A full
complement of eight moongates, including some in towns, was also added. Also I'll give you a bit of a spoiler and tell
you that Olin the ghost in Empire City will join you, which
is quite interesting because he can walk through walls. You
just have to find him.... read more

Posted by Gordon McNutt 2003-10-05

Nazghul development version 0.1.3 released

Many new features in the engine and GhulScript,
including large-radius circular LOS, in-game terrain editing, GhulScript-controlled monster spawning, a quest in the sample game, and a "Terrain Test" place serving as a map editing example.
Also see the in-game documents
"The Users Guide to Nazghul" and
"Nazghul Map Editors Guide"

Posted by Gordon McNutt 2003-08-14

nazghul development version 0.1.2 released

This change includes bug fixes, a couple of new user commands, and additions to the example game.

Posted by Gordon McNutt 2003-06-19

nazghul development version 0.1.1 released

The latest development version of the nazghul rpg engine was released tonight. This is the first version released on the sourceforge site as well as the first version released under the GPL.

Although this is a development release the program is functional with many features and no known crash or hang bugs. Anyone interested in the late-80's rpg genre should check this out and let the nazghul dev team know what you think.

Posted by Gordon McNutt 2003-06-07

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