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PHP Navigator 4.38 released!

Why yet another web file manager? Because the technology changed, browsers changed,
and file managers too! When internet flies on Web 2.0, AJAX and DOM, why use the same old
sluggish file manager?

Changes in version 4.38

bugfix: file upload
bugfix: homedir in multi-user mode.

Posted by Cyril 2009-03-21

PHP Navigator 4.37 released!

Now with new session based login!

We replaced the basic http authentication with session based login now. And a few bugfixes also. This is supposed to be the most stable version of PHP Navigator.

Posted by Cyril 2009-01-23

Atari ST Desktop in your browser ..

.. with PHP Navigator, managing files online, with style.

New single user v4.12.11 with proto-type skins
- Retro Atari ST Desktop (Explorer & Editor)
- Windows XP Explorer (XP style left panel)
- Alternate Windows Exploer

Current multi-user version v4.32

v5.00 coming soon (combining the two, and then some)

Posted by Paul Wratt 2008-10-04

PHP Navigator v 4.32 released!

This is mostly a bug fix version. Most of the bugs were new to version 4.3, because of base64 encoding of file names/directories. These bugs were reported in the guest book.

This version will be soon updated to the source tree. Seems there is some problem with sourceforge uploads. You can download the beta from here for evaluation.

Posted by Cyril 2008-07-13

PHP Navigator 4.3 released

Version 4.3
» Arrange icons by size
» Bug fix on files with special chars (now uses base-64 encoding).
» New file task 'Open in code editor'.
» Some ajax fixes.
» New Quick help
» Image tooltip

Posted by Cyril 2008-01-16

PHP Navigator 4.2 Rev 3 released!

Some minor bug fixes include special chacaters in path/filenames, some major additions include search, skinning

Posted by Paul Wratt 2007-12-05

PHP Navigator 4.2 released!


Multiple user support with MySQL,
New code editor with syntax hilighting,
Arrange icons by 'name' & 'type',
Read only mode, and lot more!

Posted by Cyril 2007-10-12

PHP Navigator 3.3 released!

Check out the release notes for more details, but this was mainly a bugfix release. There are still one or two open, but they are consmetic. If you come across an issue in this new version, please don't hesistate to file a bug.

Posted by Tim Alexander 2007-03-06

Updating to fix outstanding bugs

We are currently working to merge all bugfixes with the mainstream, and should have this finished in a few days. Please bear with us.

Posted by Tim Alexander 2007-03-06