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Navit 0.2.0 "Long Awaited" is out!

Navit 0.2.0 "Long Awaited" is here!

As its codename states, it's been a while since the last Navit release : but a lot of work has been done (we have many commits every day!)

Just to name a few :
- OSM search has been enhanced (now supports all ISO countries)
- Internal Gui is now fully configurable
- we have more map drawing layouts, with automatic night mode
- qt map drawer and qt gui has been enhanced
- we now have 52 translations
- android build has been greatly improved... read more

Posted by KaZeR 2010-11-22

Navit iPhone and Android builds available!

Currently, they are available only as nightly builds.

You can find navit's iphone builds here : and documentation about how to set it up here :

You can find navit's android builds here :

Help requests are welcome, you can reach us at read more

Posted by KaZeR 2009-08-21

New release : navit-0.1.1 "Manchester Baby"

61 years after "Manchester Baby", the first computer program stored in memory, here comes a new release of Navit.
Well, of course, this release isn't as big as Manchester Baby, but, it's important for us anyway :)

Major improvements over the last release :
- Configurable Vehicle Profiles, with samples for car, bike, horse, pedestrian
- Much more flexible OSDs : Navit can be easily configured to look just the way you want
- Support for gps receivers without static navigation enabled
- Routing in now computed in background... read more

Posted by KaZeR 2009-06-22

New release : navit-0.1.0 "Thanksgiving Turkey"

After 9 months of work, navit-0.1.0 "Thanksgiving Turkey" is finally out!
This release is a major step forward, and includes amongst other things:
- search in OSM has been greatly improved
- A new gui, more user friendly, called "internal" which is designed to be easy to use on touchscreens and small displays
- winCE support
- an icon, finally!
- 27 translations
.. and of course a lot of other bugfixes and improvements.... read more

Posted by KaZeR 2008-11-26

New release : navit-0.0.3 "Christmas gift"

Major improvements over 0.0.2:

* OpenStreetMap support has been greatly enhanced (navit now uses a binfile driver)
* garmin support has been greatly enhanced (but routing is still being worked on)
* some improvements for using navit under OpenMoko (thanks to the OM contributors!)
* map interaction in GTK : you can now 'slide' the map by pressing mouse and dragging map

And of course, a lot of bugfixes and other small improvements.

Posted by Martin Schaller 2007-12-26

Navit: Version 0.0.2 has been released

A new version of the open source navigation system has been released containing many bugfixes and new features, including openstreetmap support

Posted by Martin Schaller 2007-11-05