#34 search feature for Romanian towns do not work

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alexandru neagos

Hi, I would like to know how to enable the search feature for Roania, according to wiki search is not working for Romania.

I closed the Romanian border over the Black See and almost all cities have the "is_in" tag included.
The "is_in" tag contains usually the country name in the national form "România". When I select the country in Navit the country is written as Romania.
I suppose that the search have to be done for “România,Romania,RO”


  • Hi Martin,

    looking on OSM FAQ http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/FAQ i found the following:

    What shall I do for roads that have multiple values for a tag?

    If the values belong to more than one way, in most cases the best solution is to use several Relations! See E-road_network for some good examples!

    If the values only belong to one way, separate multiple values for the same key with semicolons; for example, nat_ref="B500;B550" for a road that is designated both B500 and B550. While you may see other characters being used as delimiters (for example, "/" (solidus), " " (space), "-" (hyphen), or "#" (number sign)), the semicolon is the only accepted character.

    If a semi-colon exists in the actual value of the data, enter it as two consecutive semicolons.

    Never the less the is_in key use the comma as separator instead of semicolons.

    I fave no ideea what is right!

    It is possible to implement also the semicolons separator into the osm2navit script


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