#30 Buttons in CE


The buttons for Cursor, Orientation, Destination and Route havn't the expected behaviour. By pressing only zoom in/out will be proceeded.


  • Chris

    Chris - 2009-04-08

    Is this due to navit/gui/win32/gui_win32.c?
    All non working buttons have got entries like (e.g. here destination button):

    tbb[5].iBitmap = iImageOffset+8;
    tbb[5].fsState = TBSTATE_ENABLED;
    tbb[5].fsStyle = TBSTYLE_BUTTON;
    tbb[5].idCommand = ID_DISPLAY_ZOOMIN;
    iStr= SendMessage(hTool, TB_ADDSTRINGW, 0, (LPARAM) L"Destination" );
    tbb[5].iString = iStr;

    They have all assigned tbb[x].idCommand = ID_DISPLAY_ZOOMIN.
    Posted already in https://sourceforge.net/forum/message.php?msg_id=7103958 , but here might be a better place.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Yes, all they do "Zoom in". Right, it's the better place.

  • KaZeR

    KaZeR - 2009-06-17
    • status: open --> closed
  • KaZeR

    KaZeR - 2009-06-17

    We are not monitoring this bug tracker, but instead we are using our own trac, located at http://trac.navit-project.org.
    I'm closing your issue, please reopen on our tracker if you are still facing the issue.
    I hope that you understand that we cannot keep tracks of bugs on both trackers.
    Thanks for your interest!


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