NaviPOWM: version 0.2.1 released

NaviPOWM is planned to be a navigation system capable of running on a variety of operating systems. At this time, only OSM based map data is supported. Realtime routing engine is planned in a later version. Geocaching and city guide functionality are also planned.

fixed bugs:
- 2458457: Make compass point to geographic north
- 2480626: Add needed Qt DLLs in NaviPOWM package
- 2609132: There should be no simplification of ways in zoom level 0

implemented feature requests:
- 1834082: Move map around
- 1836295: dynamic zoom level depends on speed
- 1836359: add needed DLL in OSM2POWM package
- 2471030: Generate batch file for splitting large OSM files
- 2612338: Do not create map files for empty regions.

Posted by Julian Bugariu 2009-03-29

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