Jeremy Miller - 2013-08-05

Natural Docs works great for documenting an arbitrary group of code where everything is pulled in and documented. The problem we are having is that we have multiple layers of code that are maintained and documented by various groups. Suppose I have a base library A that is documented using natural docs. All the menus are organized and set up just right. I then use this library in library B. I want to document library B, but I don't want to have to maintain the documentation for library A. IE, I don't want to have to organize the menu for all of the library A files.

I can simply not include library A in the library B documentation, and instead just put a link in the menu to the library A documentation. That works, but we don't get to see the entire class hierarchy down through B and A. Its not as interactive, and when I get down to a library A class, I have to go over to library A, find the class, and continue my exploration of the class hierarchy. Not ideal.

Has anybody developed a solution for this type of modular documentation?