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  • maquejp

    maquejp - 2012-04-24


    I have a strange behavior

    When using the method to add an email with a display <mydisplay at="" email@domain="">

    It looks like that the parser does not support two subdomain level


        - contact <fn ln at fn.ln@domain.ext> if information required
        - contact <fn ln at fn.ln@info.domain.ext> if information required
        - contact fn.ln@info.domain.ext if information required
        - contact <IT at> if information required

    When rendered the not working gives

    - A contact fn ln if information required
    - B contact fn ln if information required
    - C contact fn.ln@info.domain.ext if information required
    - D contact <IT at email target=”” name=””.domain.ext> if information required

    A,B,C is working (href generated)

    D should use the same email as C (@info.domain.ext)

  • Greg Valure

    Greg Valure - 2012-04-24

    I figured it out. Open \Modules\NaturalDocs\Parser\ and search for

    # The next character can't be an alphanumeric, which should prevent .abcde from matching the two to
    # four character requirement, or a closing angle bracket.
    (?!  [a-z0-9>]  )

    Add a .? to the last line so it looks like this:

    (?!  \.?[a-z0-9>]  )

    Run Natural Docs with -r once to apply the changes everywhere. This will be
    fixed in the next version.

  • maquejp

    maquejp - 2012-04-25

    Thank you, it works


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