JavaScript generates no output.

  • wvxvw

    wvxvw - 2011-01-27

    The files mentioned in Menu.txt are removed and no HTML is generated. However,
    if I use it with ActionScript, the documentation is generated.

    The documentation on the ND site is rather unhelpful. I am sure that the path
    is correct (it only worth changing the extension to get the result). I tried
    different options in Languages.txt (adding or removing any languages there has
    no effect on output, unless I make some error).

    I'm on Ubuntu 10.04 if that matters. Again, as I said, I can generate
    documentation for AS3, but not so for JS... (I can't build other people
    projects too, not only mine).

  • Greg Valure

    Greg Valure - 2011-01-27

    Unlike ActionScript, JavaScript only has basic language support so it will
    only generate documentation from the comments you write in Natural Docs'
    format. It will not pick out other functions automatically or read Javadoc-
    style comments.

    If you were already aware of this, please post an example file that should
    work but doesn't.

  • TheShanMan

    TheShanMan - 2011-05-04

    Really? That's disappointing. I was starting to evaluate Natural Docs because
    the main page says it's compatible with javadocs, which to me implies that it
    atleast handles javadoc tags in java, and with a cursory glance at the
    language page I assumed javascript was equally handled since I saw java and
    javascript in the same list. Bummer on both counts. I was really hoping to
    migrate but it looks like I'll have to investigate other options. :(


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