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  • Jay St. Pierre

    Jay St. Pierre - 2009-05-26

    Is there a way to set up a default footer? I think everyone in our group would generally want to use the same footer, but I don't want to remove the ability to suppress the footer altogether if that is appropriate.



    • Jay St. Pierre

      Jay St. Pierre - 2009-05-27

      Ah, but there are many separate "projects" that are being developed that won't be sharing a single Menu.txt. I would like to make sure that anytime someone starts a new "project", the default Menu.txt has the default corporate statement. However, I can see cases where the default statement may not be applicable and the developer chooses to force it back to blank.

      I think I found the place in the code where I could force the default to be what I want (instead of the commented example), but then if someone wanted a blank footer, it would keep forcing the default one back.



    • Greg Valure

      Greg Valure - 2009-05-26

      Since it's in Menu.txt it will follow however that file is managed. If it's in source control everyone will have the same copy, if it's not everyone can change it as they see fit. It's not set up like Languages.txt or Topics.txt where there's a system one and a project one that can override it.


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