Topics/keywords not recognized in large comment

  • glagnar

    glagnar - 2014-03-07

    At the beginning of each of my .c and .h files, I have a large block comment, beginning with /* and ending with */ on their own lines. Displayed in the comment is a large ASCII-art logo made up of pound signs (#), immediately followed by lines such as "Title: Something", "File: Something". NaturalDocs will not pick up on these. If I place them in a separate comment block, they work fine.

    Is the ASCII logo, or the # character, causing issues? If so, is this a bug or is there a known reason?

  • Greg Valure

    Greg Valure - 2014-03-07

    The topic line has to be the first line of content in a comment to be picked up. Only blank or horizontal lines can be above it.

    You already figured out the workaround, which is to place the ASCII art in a separate comment block.


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