#99 Data source down indication...

World Wind (80)
Ben Bennett

It would be nice to have a way to tell you a particular
dataset is not currently available. I know it is
tracked on the
page, but if it could be tied into the WW interface
(either "greying out" the datasource choice, or giving
a message if you select it) that would make it far more
obvious why something isn't working.

Also a "data complete" indication would be nice... I
have been looking at a page thinking it is as good as
it gets and then it udpated with better detail. The
icon on the lower right doesn't always seem to be
present when data is downloading (I see connections in
the ctrl-h list). Also it may still be loading
something large for a different area but the detail I
am currently looking at is complete, so showing a
particular flag for that would be nice.

Also the red boxes indicating a download is in progress
is a great help, but if you zoom in, you may not see
them... perhaps making the border of the page red in
those cases would help.




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