#72 Added new disks but FORMAT picks wrong disks

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Found my first bug though running NAS4Free (608). I have exactly the same issue as described in this post by cancerman:

I added a 5x2TB ZFS vdev to my new system and put it in its own zpool
I then added a 5x3TB ZFS vdev to my system and put it in its own zpool

Each of the above had sequential /dev/ada numbers starting from ada0 to ada9

Then I added a StarTech 4 port SATA card (PEXSATA24E) and added 4x2TB.

With this card, the 4 new drives were inserted starting at ada0 to ada3 and all other devices were shifted up accordingly. This seemed to mess things up and the disk manage page showed issues with the Disk IDs being wrong. So I did a "Clear Config and Import Disks". This corrected the device IDs however when choosing format for the new disks it showed only the disks at the end of the ada ranage (ada10-ada13).

I then did a backup and checked the .xml file and noticed that the vdevs had the old ada numbers.

As a work around to get going, I have edited the .xml file, manually adjusted the vdevs to have the correct ada numbers and then did a restore. This has fixed my issue. But it seems there is a bug in the "Clear config and Import disks" function.


  • Fubar

    Fubar - 2013-03-27

    I had a similar problem. I found that if I did the Clear & Import...then rebooted the system...all the drives showed correctly.

  • zoon01

    zoon01 - 2015-05-11
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