#143 Renaming the NAS host removes files from the disk

I am change hostname, at this time delete all files from disk.
System log attachment (watch log entries 1/12/2013)

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  • Alex Lin

    Alex Lin - 2013-12-09

    Which NAS4Free revision is this ?

    All i can see is that you have issue with your UPS settings (nut) at line 2861 and nmbd service are terminated. Your files are most likely not deleted, just not visible via network/samba.

    Has this ups setup work with the same NAS4Free revision in the same system before ? Did you do any troubleshooting to eliminate the possibility that it is a hardware issue (e.g. UPS, USB port) ?

    • Alexander

      Alexander - 2013-12-10

      Hi Alex Lin,
      Regarding the UPS service start failure:
      I use APC Back-UPS ES 525VA, which is currently known as incompatible with
      NAS4Free and its usbhid-ups driver.

  • Alexander

    Alexander - 2013-12-10

    Renaming the SMB share (server) name removes all the share contents.
    NAS4Free version - 2013-08-18 installed to dedicated hard drive.

    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Create ZFS Raid1 array.
    2. Enable CIFS/SMB, fill Samba server name and use created ZFS volume as Samba share.
    3. Copy noticeable amount of test data over the network to the created Samba share.
    Check the monitor - it reports some drive space is in use.
    Check the Samba mount point contents (use console) - copied files are in place.
    4. Go to CIFS/SMB settings and change the Samba server name and workgroup. Save changes
    5. At this point Samba share appears to be re-created from scratch.
    All the contents of the previous share is lost without any warning.
    Check the mount point contents with console one more time - it is now empty.

  • zoon01

    zoon01 - 2015-05-11
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