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The Network Audio System

open ("/dev/audio")? Just Say No!

NAS Overview

This page contains information for the Network Audio System (NAS), a network-transparent, client/server audio system originally developed at Network Computing Devices (NCD) by Jim Fulton, Greg Renda, and Dave Lemke that includes:

  • sample server implementations
    • VOXware/OSS (FreeBSD, Linux, SVR4.[02], UnixWare, Microsoft Windows using Cygwin)
    • HPUX (HPPA, HP-UX 10.x, 11.x)
    • Sun Sparc/Intel Solaris 2.x, AM79C30A Digital Subscriber Controller and Sparc 10 Dual Basic Rate ISDN Interface (SunOS 4.1.[23], Solaris 2.x)
    • SGI Indigo (IRIX 5.x)
  • an application programming interface library
  • a variety of sample applications

The client software can also be used with several models of NCD X terminals as well as NCD's PCXware (an X server for PCs running Microsoft Windows).

Key features of the Network Audio System include:

  • Device-independent audio over the network
  • Lots of audio file and data formats
  • Can store sounds in server for rapid replay
  • Extensive mixing, separating, and manipulation of audio data
  • Simultaneous use of audio devices by multiple applications
  • Use by a growing number of ISVs
  • Small size
  • Free! No obnoxious licensing terms

Mailing Lists

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