dongman - 2011-10-21

I got the wrapper src in svn. (6.5 wrapper)

and compiled it in Visual Sudio 2008 in debug mode.

and I got the following error.

>d:\narocad_src\narocad.tar\narocad\trunk\wrappers\src\transferbrep\TransferBRep.h(63) : error C2039: 'OCTransfer_FinderProcess' : is not a member of 'OCNaroWrappers'
1>d:\narocad_src\narocad.tar\narocad\trunk\wrappers\src\transferbrep\TransferBRep.h(63) : error C2061: syntax error : identifier 'OCTransfer_FinderProcess'

I don't know the reason why this error is happened.

Please let me know the reason and way to solve this problem.

I'll wait for your answer.