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NaroCad on Linux

  • sfadept

    sfadept - 2009-09-09

    I can not run NaroCad on Linux. When I try to run:
    wine "C:\NaroCAD\NaroStarter.exe"
    on my desktop GNOME Terminal, program writes message:
    install the Windows version of Mono to run .NET executables
    and exits.
    Is it good idea to try working with NaroCad on Linux?

    • LordCip

      LordCip - 2009-09-10


      Thank you for interest on NaroCAD!

      NaroCAD will not run even with Mono for now. The reason is that the wrappers are made with C++.NET which Naro cannot interpret for now. So, if you will want to see Naro under Linux, I recommend to you to use VirtualBox for now or help us to port the UI code to Qyoto and wrappers to C and C# bridges instead C++.NET. This could take around 2 months in developer time and can be done in two phases: first to run with Mono on Windows, second to port the UI to Qt. If you can help on this, we will see NaroCAD on Linux.

      Wish to you the best,


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