Compiled .dll that can read STL files

  • Bernardo Pires

    Bernardo Pires - 2013-01-14


    I really love this library and it has saved me many many hours, but I'm stuck when it comes to .STL files. I've spent the last three months trying to get a working C# code that can load and save .STL files with shapes from OpenCascade and using these wrappers. I've tried implementing the code myself and succeeded in reading .STL files, but I failed to write .STL files. I then tried extending the wrappers and got my ass kicked to solve all the problems. First the 59 compile errors. Then over 1400 linker errors. Mostly solved when I added a new .lib. Still I had 87 linker errors of somehow missing functions. Finally I could compile the .dll with StlAPI_Writer and StlAPI_Reader. Sadly, when I used it, it just crashes when I call the function Read or Write and I can't see where it crashes (on native code).

    Please, do you have a compiled working wrappers .dll that can read and write STL files using the StlAPI from open cascade? MANY THANKS in advance

  • bxtrx

    bxtrx - 2013-02-18

    Hi bcarneiro,

    After a long time we decided to spend some time on wrappers. We'll improve them and update them. Hope that the new generator will be easier to use so that you can generate the wrappers you need.


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