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[4cc34d] (defaulttip) by bxtrx

Added tag NaroCAD165Beta for changeset faf7551ae431

2012-06-22 11:31:00 Tree
[faf755] (NaroCAD165Beta) by bxtrx

changes for 165 Release

2012-06-22 11:27:15 Tree
[48a633] by bxtrx

changes for 165 Release

2012-06-22 11:01:29 Tree
[cb6a0b] by Roxana@Roxana-PC


2012-06-22 07:21:02 Tree
[84d7d7] by Roxana@Roxana-PC

readme.txt update

2012-06-22 07:17:07 Tree
[4a0f66] by bxtrx

Working Extrude with height animation

2012-06-21 21:36:18 Tree
[aa6196] by Roxana@Roxana-PC

Add dll for installer

2012-06-21 13:12:54 Tree
[fbc0ee] by Roxana@Roxana-PC


2012-06-21 11:29:39 Tree
[e6928c] by Roxana@Roxana-PC

Trim fixes for circle, constrains and bug fix for axes parallel constraint

2012-06-21 10:51:28 Tree
[95f071] by bxtrx

added dimension on one side of extrude

2012-06-20 22:01:18 Tree
[2ee55a] by bxtrx

first working extrude version

2012-06-20 21:42:24 Tree
[475cc5] by bxtrx


2012-06-17 20:16:14 Tree
[de103f] by bxtrx

moved fillet and chamfer to old wrappers

2012-06-17 20:15:06 Tree
[8f29da] by bxtrx


2012-06-17 19:49:03 Tree
[504223] by Roxana@Roxana-PC

Chamfer 2D and fillet 2D - generate known shapes

2012-06-15 09:19:33 Tree
[4d4ddc] by bxtrx

Fix the Release build with old wrappers

2012-06-15 14:14:07 Tree
[8ea601] by bxtrx

fixed line editing handler crash

2012-06-13 19:24:55 Tree
[10bc08] by bxtrx

moved to old wrappers

2012-06-13 16:34:48 Tree
[9671ee] by bxtrx

moved to old wrappers

2012-06-12 18:21:34 Tree
[3af9af] by bxtrx

removed new wrappers

2012-06-12 10:15:19 Tree
[a63d7b] by bxtrx


2012-06-12 09:57:17 Tree
[a0b566] by Roxana@Roxana-PC

Split 2D/3D fillet and chamfer

2012-06-11 10:47:53 Tree
[4cc32b] by Roxana@Roxana-PC

Extrude circle, ellipse and irregular shapes

2012-06-11 10:01:18 Tree
[f3ee78] by bxtrx


2012-06-01 10:32:54 Tree
[c0c29b] by Roxana@Roxana-PC

Trim tests for the new known shapes algorithm

2012-05-30 13:40:34 Tree
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