#54 Request Transfert button doesn't work

Interface (53)

BeOS 5 PE, the request transfert button sometimes works... generally it doesn't. Download file in the Browse list doens't work either.
Napster works fine under W98 with the same connection (except no upload... behind a proxy).


  • John Yanarella

    John Yanarella - 2000-04-08
    • priority: 5 --> 3
    • status: open --> open-duplicate
  • John Yanarella

    John Yanarella - 2000-04-08

    It actually does work, in that it correctly requests the file, but the other user sometimes doesn\'t reply to the request so the file doesn\'t get added to the list. In a future release the files will be immediately added to the download list with the status \"waiting for connection...\" This is in the works.

    If you are behind firewall with no upload (no connections can be established to you), the type of downloads I am referring to will not probably never work for you. There are two types of downloads with napster, one where you connect to the other user, and another where you ask the other user to connect to you. The type used is set by what the other user is set to (firewalled/not firewalled). The one where your client initiates the connection is the type where the files that immediately show up. The ones that are are delayed, or never show up are the ones where the client has to ask the other user to connect to you.


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