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As soon as I hit the transfer button, I think I should see the process or thread or whatever, instantly shown in the transfer window, with the status of it. It always waits awhile before showing it. That makes it hard to keep track of what you've selected, and if you decide to cancel it there's nothing to cancel. It seems an easy and obvious request.


  • John Yanarella

    John Yanarella - 2000-03-02

    It isn\'t an easy request, unfortunately. You do, in fact, see the request as soon as the transfer thread begins.

    There are two types of transfers with Napster. With one type, your computer connects to the user who has the file. With this type a new process is created a new transfer item made visible in the transfer view. The second transfer type involves asking the Napster server to tell the other computer to connect to you and send you file (this happens when they are firewalled). If that user does actually initiate a connection, the new transfer thread is spawned. At this point a new transfer is added to the transfer view.

    With the rewrite of the transfer threads (which is what I\'m working on next) I may address this issue. I just haven\'t figured out an elegant way to do this, because there is no obvious way to determine whether the connection that was just established goes with a transfer item thats already in the list. The Windows napster client does this, so it is possible - I just need to give it more thought. In terms of functionality it doesn\'t add much, so thats why it hasn\'t been a priority.

  • John Yanarella

    John Yanarella - 2000-03-02
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  • John Yanarella

    John Yanarella - 2000-03-27
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  • John Yanarella

    John Yanarella - 2000-08-08
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